Monday, January 31, 2011

Form meets Function

The kitchen is looking better than I imagined and wow does it ever work well. I knew the old kitchen was terribly nonfunctional but I guess I was making the best of the worst. The new kitchen is not even finished and it is like a dream come true in terms of functionality. Colin's favorite part of the new functioning kitchen is the dishwasher. I think I have to agree. Another wonderful aspect is counter space. A place to set the pan while you pour in the brownie batter vs. balancing the pan on the stove while trying not to bump anything with your elbow is quite the improvement. I also like the fact that we no longer have appliance row. Appliance row is like death row but for appliances. Before we only had two plugs in the kitchen-one by the stove and one by the refrigerator. This meant that we had an extension cord coming from behind the fridge that powered the microwave and its close neighbor the toaster over. On top of the microwave and toaster oven we had the espresso machine and the regular toaster. When I baked I would roll a little cart up to appliance row so that my kitchen aid mixer could be with the rest of its small appliance friends. Now all the appliances have moved to the country where they don't have to deal with their annoying neighbors. Best of all there is room for all kinds of elbows and when I gain my weight back from eating all the deliciousness from the new kitchen Colin and I will still be able to work side by side- because there is just that much room. I am off to make a cake.

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