Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What's for dinner

Tuna Steak with an avocado sauce made from pureed avocado, tangerine juice, and garlic, topped with ground macadamia nuts.

A green salad with mango, a sauted red pepper. And rice made with whey instead of water. Yum.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Eggs, eggs, eggs

Finally a chicken post that is not about some hilarious disaster. The girls are finally laying consistently. I use an easter basket my mom gave me years ago to collect the eggs. So everyday feels like an easter egg hunt. And the eggs are colorful to boot.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Some recent thrift store finds

I have recently acquired the title of thrift store queen from my family. So, I thought I would show you some  of my recent finds.

I saw a similar wreath about a week ago at an antique shop and although it was a little larger it was $40. Yikes too much for my blood. But lucky me, I found this one for $2. 

This is my new coffee pot. It is made to place a little candle below to keep the coffee hot. It was a little more than I usually spend on my thrifting adventures ($17.50) but I do love copper and I figured I might need a coffee pot for my sister's baby shower. It is always good to have an excuse to get something you might not otherwise indulge in. 

It was/ is quite dirty from the store. A bit of soap will clean it right up. 

I got this mask for $8 at thrift town. It was covered in some hideous fabric, but I knew it had good bones. This is what was under the fabric. Not sure the paint job is my favorite, but we are living with it for now. 

This little one came from thrift town too. When I walked by it said, "I think Camille needs me." Camille is my oldest sister. I took this picture to see if I should bother packing it in my suitcase. It was a last minute photo, hence the paint roller in the background ( but you know what that means... my living room wall is painted.)