Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Thrift store addict

Most recent purchase:

It is about as big as my face and cost 2 bucks.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Recent Projects

First up: Cloud Lantern's for the bedroom:

These cloud lanterns made from paper lanterns, batting and hot glue.  I am planning on making two more of these; another small one and a large one to hang over our headboard in the master bedroom. I want to make some wire attachments though so that the end result looks less round. I would also like to find a dimmer florescent bulb to go in there.  This was my  inspiration.

Second Project: Learning to "put it up" (canning):
Colin and I decided that it would be fun to take a canning class from ABQ Old School. We are going to have tons of apricots and a bazillion tomatoes so what we learned in class is certainly going to come in handy. The only problem with learning to put up our home grown bounty is the fact that our pantry is already full of baking supplies. I guess I need to get going on using the 20+ pounds of ghirredili chocolate chips I hoarded from Costco during the holiday season. I need to reorganize the kitchen and see if I can make space somewhere.Who would have guessed that the new kitchen wouldn't have enough storage? Can you imagine my conundrum had we not remodeled?

Below are the items we canned in the class: Poached Pears in a Vanilla, Clove, Orange Syrup and Pickled Jalepenos. Sorry for the blurry picture.