Wednesday, January 26, 2011

better than a maid- a dishwasher

Wow oh wow. We got our dishwasher installed. I love it it so much. I hate doing dishes and Colin doesn't seem to do them-so for the last year and half I have been doing the majority of the dishes. But now I have a dishwasher that works really well. We installed it on Saturday (and Colin and I both agree that it is the easiest kitchen project we have done yet) and we scrambled around the house collecting dishes and got it all loaded up and then realized we did not have any dish washing detergent. So I scurried off to John Brookes ( 1 block away from our house) and came back with the magic cleaning liquid that will save me hours of work. And then we ran the dishwasher. And then a little while later we had clean dishes- and I mean really clean. I had put in a bowl with dried-on-pieces of squash soup from over a week ago - and the bowl was spotless. Yay for modern-day appliances.

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