Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sharing isn't so easy

Poor, poor Luna has suffered more than anyone through this remodel. She has not gotten her evening bike rides and has put on several pounds due to the lack of play time. The other evening when we went to put her harness on it did not fit and we had to loosen the straps significantly. Secondly, her house has been a constant mess with lots of scary noises and she has not quite taken to the dog door. She uses if she has to but sometime she just sits there and barks at it until we tell her it is ok and she hops through. And the last indignity, she had to share her blanket by the fire with the drawers while they got their pulls added. Poor Luna! Good thing she has a cabinet of her own and every time I show someone the kitchen she gets a treat.


  1. Maybe she needs to go on a green bean diet... just heard about this. Mix her food with canned green beans to the normal volume you would feed her.
    I'm so excited things are coming to a end with your remodel! Hope you can actually eat what you will be able to make in your wonderful new kitchen!

  2. Will that diet work for people too?

    It will all be over soon, little Luna.

    Looking good, Brit. Looking good.