Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Three water line?

First and foremost Colin and I owe a huge thank you to Jim and Patty for helping us install the uppers. I really shouldn't say help I should say do. I helped and they did. Thank you times a million.

Secondly, what is this?

Colin patiently explained to me that these were the three new water lines that would feed the sink. Now if you are not quite as interested in water lines as you are in cabinets you might have asked the same question that I asked. Three? Hot, cold, and what? Well the "what" is a hot water recirculating pipe. Meaning that I will be able to push a nice little button on the sink and wait a moment and there will be hot water there instantly. The alternative to which is letting the water run down the drain until it is hot. Another amazing thing that Colin installed is a grey water pipe. Again I was a bit confused so he again patiently explained that there would be a valve on the kitchen drain and when the water isn't really yucky I can flip the switch and the water will go into the garden instead of the sewer. How cool is that?!

If you are wondering about the powder on the pipes, it is boric acid to keep the bugs away (you should have seen the bugs we found inside the walls - ahhhh). It will be all covered up by cabinets soon.

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