Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

I hope that this new year brings you both fun and happiness and perhaps some DIY.

I am getting so excited about coming home to the beautiful floors ready for cabinet installation.  And since I am feeling a bit better I have once again began to think of all the possibilities for the new year and all the little projects that we can do to make the house truly ours. Some items are fun and some are just necessary evils. Below is a list of things that I think I will actually get done.

1) Finish the Kitchen (duh)
2) Make paper star lanterns for the bedroom. Colin and I have both hated the light fixture in the bedroom since we moved in and I figured that star lanterns would both be functional and bring some interest to the very blank wall behind our bed.
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3) Clean out the bird's nests from above the porch. Yuck. Then add some of those poky things that will keep them from nesting there next year. I have no idea why, but the old owner encouraged this behavior which results in a porch full of poop. Not happy about that.
4) Once everything is nice and clean we will repaint the dark brown trim to a beautiful dark turquoise. I feel this will make the house feel a bit more New Mexican and bit less blah.
5) Another necessary evil- we need to clean the grease off the white garage door. I know, I know we should not have let it get this bad. Let my try and make excuses...The garage door is very noisy and we have to grease it about once a week in order not to loose our hearing, also I only notice the atrocity when I am driving up to the house and then the deafening noise of the door closes quickly erases the memory of the ugly grease spots that have spilled down the front of the door.
6) Something fun! I bought a massive amount of bulbs for only $10.00! at the high country garden holiday sale. So those need to get into the ground. They might not bloom until spring 2012 but boy will they be beautiful.

Well I think that enough for now. My number one priority is getting better. None of the fun or evil will take place without the gift of health. Thankfully things seem to be getting better and better.

Have a wonderful new year and do everything that you want to do!

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