Thursday, January 27, 2011

DIY Rookie Mistake

There are times when doing something alone is ok and then there are times when asking for help or waiting for help would be the better plan. Last night I was feeling ambitious and decided I could do something on my own that would have been a whole lot easier with someone else's help. Here's the back story. Our corner cabinet has a shelf in it that spans the whole space. I thought we were getting one that just had a shelf on the hidden side and was open by the cabinet door. So we installed the cabinet with the plan of taking the shelf out later to cut it in half. Well after the cabinet was installed we realized we could not get the shelf out of the cabinet due to the placement of the window sill. I was very bummed. Colin assured me that we could still cut the shelf with a little skill, while it was inside the cabinet. So I did that while he was gone. I propped the shelf as best I could with random 2 x 4s and started sawing. I instantly broke the blade of the jigsaw due to the massive vibrations of the shelf not being held properly while being sawed. So did I wait for someone to hold the shelf while I sawed? No, I got out the sawsall and started at it. When I got to the bottom of the cut the saw broke through, the shelf fell, and the saw went into my leg. Now don't worry, I was lucky and only got a little nick. I was not positive of this at first and was so terrified that I might have sawed through my leg that I dropped my pants with no regard to the fact that I was standing in front of the picture window. But my legs is fine, it is my pride that is injured. Lessons learned- if something is not working right- wait for help. If not you will suffer a sawed off leg or neighbors seeing you in your underwear, or both.

Please ignore the fact that I am tanless.

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