Thursday, February 3, 2011

A pretty place to perch

I think stools are the easiest things to recover ever! I had to remove four hex bolts from each stool. And then I was able to remove this ugly vinyl with just my hands. one or two staples needed a pair of needle nose pliers. Then I laid the seat on the new fabric and cut it to size and used a staple gun to fix the fabric in place. Then I placed the seat back on the stool and screwed in the four bolts. Easy peasy!


The new  fabric brings in the blue-turquoise that the rest of the kitchen will have. Now we just need a bar to sit at with our bar stools.

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  1. I dig those stools with the gorgeous fabric, Brit! You have a whole set of them?

  2. I LOVE the fabric. It's just gorgeous. I'm a big fan of blue/turquoise. Thanks so much for linking up to the party.

  3. I have two of these lovely stools that I picked up on craigslist for $40 dollars and the fabric was a whopping 10 bucks. Two is all I have space for at my bar that will someday exist.