Friday, February 4, 2011

Brrr- Honey it's cold outside

So I know I am going to seem really wimpy to some of you who live in actual cold places but I am going to write this anyway. Temperatures in New Mexico in the winter are normally in the 30s in the day time and the 20s or high teens in the nigh time. These last few days we have experienced record lows. On top of that there have been rolling gas blackouts due to some problems with the natural gas lines in Texas. So instead of being chilly all night with hundreds of blankets piled on us we decided to do the smart thing and move the mattress into the living room where the wood stove is. That was we could turn down the furnace and hopefully save some natural gas for people who don't have any other way to heat their homes. It was kind of fun, like a slumber party or something. The only problem with this plan is since the bed was on the floor Luna thought we had put it down for her. So she kept jumping up on us in the middle of the night.

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