Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sink plumbing part two and the final sink progression

Colin got the second half of the sink plumbed. Colin had to get a bit creative and get the camping stove out and heat up some pvc pipe to bend it a bit so that everything would fit together. He is quite amazing at stuff like that. We can now run the water down both drains and it will go where it was intended. I got the doors on the sink cabinets and it really is starting to look polished.

I recently joined FLYLady to help organize cleaning tasks and I was pleasantly surprised when step one was shine your sink- and I could do it.  Lets take a look back through the sink progression.

Wow what progress!


  1. Shiny, pretty faucet, for what I assume is shiny, pretty sink. That works! You like Flylady?

    My sink has already been shined today.

  2. I do like FLYLady. This weeks challenges have been really easy since everything in the kitchen is new or I cleaned it well before I brought it back into the kitchen. I do like keeping my new sink spotless and not full of dishes.

  3. Stunning! From simple design transformed into a great one. Over all the work and time that you put into it had a wonderful result.

  4. Good job! It's always nice to have handy skills such as plumbing, but when it comes to heavy plumbing troubles do not hesitate to contact your friendly plumber to do the the job for you.