Friday, August 13, 2010

Who is the gas king? ( I am not talking about farting)

Colin is! He is both brave and skilled. He decided that he was up to the challenge of doing the gas plumbing for the new hot water heater. And the amazing part....He did it! Funny how I am not scared of the electrical anymore but that I am SCARED of the gas plumbing. Just another reason why we make a good team. Speaking of teamwork, I have felt like I have not been pulling my weight with being sick and all, so last night as Colin plumbed (is that the right way to say that?) I read Beatrice and Virgil to him. Seems there is only one thing that I love more than remodeling my kitchen and that is reading a good book. We got through the first 100 pages and then decided it was time for bed. I should have remembered that Restore was coming in the morning to pick up some of the cabinets and whatnot that we had taken out of the old and ugly kitchen - but I did not. So in the morning Colin and I were scrambling to get everything out to the curb. I even made a hasty sign that said, FOR RESTORE and since I love parenthesis ( if you are not ReStore, please do not take). If getting the plumbing done, reading half a novel, getting rid of trash, and helping those in need in less that 12 hours is not productivity at its finest, I don't know what is!
Thanks Colin -for being a great plumber (with the cutest plumbers butt around).

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