Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Where the money at...

So I mentioned my budget once before, but I thought I might give you a quick break down of what things are costing us. Please keep in mind that we are doing all the work ourselves or getting it free from relatives. We are paying handy James to help us speed the process along. So here is the break down so far:
  • Demo: free
  • Water heater energy star $350
  • Indirect water heater - used from restore $300
  • Hot water solar panels $50 bucks from craigslist
  • Red oak floors $489 ( this does not include the polyurethane
  • Living room door $500
  • Schuler cherry cabinets $8000 with tax ( tax was a lot!)
  • Tools to complete all this work $1000
  • Kitchen door $316
  • Dog door $147 (remember it is a fancy one)
  • Hardware for cabinets $70
  • Mechanical room door $270
  • Light fixtures so far $42 from ReStore
  • Insulation $200
  • Dishwasher $740 with delivery (this is the consumer reports best buy)
  • Faucet $117
Subtotal including the misalany = $13,994.14

There is a lot that I am leaving off the list because I am anticipating more expenditures in those categories. As of right now we have spent 69.97% of our budget. I would say we are right on track! (hopefully) I promise to give you the final-final number when everything is completed.

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