Monday, August 16, 2010

This older-than-we-thought house

We originally though the house was built in 1962. This information came from the seller and the inspector thought that was about right. They were wrong, wrong, wrong. This weekend as we pulled up some of the floor in the kitchen to replace a rotten sub-floor board we found some newspaper that had been used as underlayment. The date on the paper was.... 1947! And the really cool part is the section we pulled up was the for sale section. There was a house near ours in the ad that was selling for $4,500! And the big selling point of most of the houses on the page were that they were on paved roads. I was so excited by finding some history with the house!
Here is a little bit of the really old newspaper that was in my really old house.


  1. OKAY! Not THAT old. It was built the year before I was born.

  2. Really old? That was the year before I was now I am REALLY old.

  3. No, not that old you are right. But that is an old newspaper. Humans are much more sturdy than newspapers. And you are certainly not old. You have more energy than me!