Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekend warriors

I felt like we were supper productive this weekend. Thanks in part to James and in part to "Let's get this done already" attitudes. What did we do you ask? Well let me tell you:
  1. We took back the wrong water heater
  2. Picked up the new water heater
  3. Picked up the big door- and I mean big (more that later)
  4. Installed the front door
  5. Added two trusses to the ceiling to support the solar hot water panels
  6. Installed 90% of the insulation in the ceiling and walls of the kitchen
  7. Ripped a huge hole in the wall for the big door
  8. Ripped out a section of floor to replace the rotten sub-floor
  9. Made crepes on the grill-since the stove in now out of commission (Colin keeps asking if I want it temporarily hooked back up, isn't he sweet)
  10. Found an awesome skink -no, not sink, skink. 

Front door (notice the old one to the right)
Big door leaning on the car to keep out of the rain
Hole in the floor
Hole in the wall (not yet a big enough hole for the big door)

Great Plains Skink (baby)

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