Monday, August 2, 2010

Cardboard for visioning

The other day I asked Colin something about how the kitchen was going to look and he said that he could not really imagine it. I was astounded as I have had a vision of this kitchen etched in my brain, day and night, since we began planning. So thanks to a post on I decided to make a life size kitchen out of cardboard so that Colin could envision the kitchen just like me. Turns out our design was much better than either of us thought. Colin loved the cardboard bar that I made so much that he almost forgot that it was not real and was about to put his dinner down on it when I yelled out to stop him.

Being green: not only did we reuse the cardboard from the packaging of the dewalt tools, we then recycled it.

% Complete: 100% if you live in the land of pretend.

Budget spent: free cardboard box with the purchase of $500 worth of tools, left over paper from covering the floor- perhaps $2.00 worth. I would say that is one cheap remodel. Too bad it is too flimsy to keep.

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