Saturday, August 21, 2010

The cabinet dilema

What brand? What Style? What wood? What finish? They cost HOW MUCH?

So, for no reason that I can really understand, I chose to try the process with Lowes-Schuller cabinets. Colin and I had the design down pat and I got the old Schuller book with the cabinet choices and dimensions. It was a fairly quick process for the cabinet guy (Robb) to put the design into the system and shoot out a price that I was not happy with. Had I been overly optimistic about how much cabinets cost? In short, yes. I quickly downloaded the IKEA home builder software and built a crappy version of what we wanted with major compromises and that price came out to what I had originally budgeted. So we vetoed that idea. Then we looked at the cost breakdown and the two pieces that were the most expensive were the bookcase style floor to ceiling cabinets that flanked the fridge. At 900 bucks each we figured we could find our own bookcases. So I started my Internet searching, and in-town searching, and brain racking DIY searching, and turned up EXPENSIVE everywhere. So we decided it was worth it to have them match the cabinets.

So we bought the Sugar Cherry with the Pecan finish  at Lowes. We were able to get them for $7530.00 plus tax. I was ok with that, I just told Colin that we had to buckle down in other places to make them worth it. If you would like to see the cost breakdown of each cabinet leave a comment and I will send it along.
This is close to what we will have.

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