Tuesday, August 24, 2010

How to hang your kitchen sink

So, since I thought this was best kitchen remodel idea ever. I thought I would try my hand at writing a how-to.  Here it goes.

How to hang your kitchen sink:
  1. Go to a hardware store and purchase 20 feet of steal cable and the clamps that go with the cable. Don't forget to get some eye bolts too.  
  2. Come home and clear off the counter where the sink is located.
  3. Measure at least six inches to the left and right of the sink and place an x two inches away from the front of the counter top.
  4. Drill a hole large enough to fit your steal cable.
  5. Use a stud finder to find a stud as close to parallel to the holes you drilled in the counter as you can. Drill a hole slightly smaller than your eye bolt six inches below the ceiling on the studs.
  6. Screw in the eye bolt.
  7. Attach the cable to the eye bolts. Thread the other end of the cable though the holes in the counter. Connect the cable around the front of the counter using the clamps.
  8. Demolish the cabinets below the sink. If you can seperate the counter top from the cabinets and save the cabinets for ReStore that is even better.
  9. Enjoy having your kitchen sink for as long as possible.
Please remember this process only works if your are getting rid of the old counter top.
This one is hung from the ceiling. But it is better to hang it from the wall if you are not planning on re-doing the drywall on the ceiling.

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