Saturday, August 28, 2010

Presto Chango: a Living Room Full of Cabinets

Thanks a million to Sarah from work who got a truck and helped me move the black couch to James'. If that had not happened, the cabinets would not have fit.

The cabinet truck came in their slotted 4 hours that they had given me to wait. Which actually worked out fine because I really needed to be at home trying to get over my illness. Thank goodness I still had my floating holiday to use. So my only job was to sit on the couch and check off the boxes as they came in the front door. There were 26 boxes ranging in size from a video cassette to 8 foot tall monstrosities.

Colin and I both please with the color and the grain of the cabinets. Now we, or actually Colin, needs to get to work so that we can get the boxes into their rightful place in the kitchen.

Living room emptied/all furniture pushed to one end.

Now full of boxes.