Thursday, July 29, 2010

Up to code...well, a whole lot closer

So far we have done several things that have brought us more in line with being up to code. The first is the fact that we have actual 4 x4s as headers and not 2 x 4s. Yay! The house, or at least the doors and windows will not fall down. The second item is that we now have a 36" door into the kitchen. Seeing how huge it is makes me feel really bad for the guy who had to get the old kenmore stove out of the tiny door.

Luna has been exploring her new doggie door. I am bad and have not yet gotten the batteries for it so it is locked. When she does not think you are looking she will walk up to it and gingerly place a paw on the flat. Won't she be surprised when she can push it open. Picture are of the old stove, the old door, and the NEW big door (if standard can be called big.)

On a side note, a friend mentioned how funny it is that all my before pictures make it seem as if my house is a complete disaster area. Which it was! But my justification for not having the before glamour shots of everything neat and tidy is because of the way the kitchen used to be. No matter how much I cleaned it would never be neat because there was no place to put anything! So everything got stacked on the counters, tables, and floors.

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