Friday, July 23, 2010

Becasue the dogs are more important

Remember how I said there was no insulation? I lied. One of the modifications that was made to the house by the previous owners was a strange little external entryway that was more of a dog house attached to the front door. This little entryway shortened the patio by about four feet and added two doors that smashed on each other when you tried to open them at the same time. Needless to say. I wanted that to come out the moment I saw it. It took me almost the entire year to convince Colin what an inconvenience it was and to let me knock it out. So we began to tear it down. Not only did this dog house/ entryway have insulation it was also built like a bomb shelter. It took several days to get it torn down. I am guessing it had about 1000 screws and another 1000 nails as well as way too many 2 x 4s. The porch looks fabulous now. Much bigger and no doorways smashing together.

I should not be so mean with my title of this post because if there is anyone who thinks that their dog is their baby it is me. I love my Lunapig so much that I made sure that when we were designing the kitchen that we had a place to keep her food, treats, and leashes as well as a space on the floor where her water dish wouldn't get knocked over. We also purchased her a very expensive new dog door that locks and only opens for pets who have the "key" on their collars. (this door was partially for my sanity as we also have a raccoon problem, but that is another story for another time.)

Turns out that I thought the entry way was so ugly, that I did not take any pictures of it. Instead here is one of my dog wearing a mullet.


  1. Hey Brittany, Colin, and Luna! It's Kim from Phoenix :) What a great idea for a blog. Someday we'll have to see how your house turns out. Bravo on doing everything yourselves and being very creative, too!