Friday, July 16, 2010

One year later

Was the kitchen the first improvement? No. With help from our amazing friends and family we painted the entire house in three days. It was desperately needed. (The picture is of the most drastic painting we did.)And then we moved in and started saving for the kitchen.

In terms of money our timing for the house could not have been more perfect. We got a super low interest rate and we got a whopping 8k check from Uncle Sam. So we did not have to save that much on our own. I set the budget at 18k and hoped we could get our dream kitchen without going over. Time for some demolition! Who needs finished plans when you have a sledgehammer. (Shhhh ... dont tell Colin.)

If you would like to see my excel budget for calculating your own remodel send me a note and I will email it to you.

P.S. The ads on the page are to help me earn some extra cash because if there is one thing everyone should know it is that kitchen remodels never come in under budget.

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