Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The hidden door that did not lead to Narnia

As the plans began taking shape, 3-D cad shape, we realized we wanted to move the water heater in front of the existing front door and move the front door from the dinning room into the living room. I was thinking that french doors to the patio in front of the living room would be an excellent addition to the to the house and make things flow more smoothly. So I drew pretend french doors on the wall and started dreaming of a future front garden with a fountain and a patio swing that I could look out on from the couch. But as we all know, I Do, not plan. So the drawings lasted about a day before I went ahead and knocked down the dry wall. To my great surprise I found a door in the wall. A door exactly where I wanted a door to be. I felt oh so logical for wanting a door there. Someone else had also thought that was a good location for a door and somewhere along the line it had been covered up with a 2 x 4 wall stacked on top of a cinder block wall. Since the solstice was only a few days away I was really hoping that doorway would lead to something much more magical that my patio. Not only did the door not have any magical attributes, it also forced my hand to have a single door and not french doors. Oh well, at least it helped with the budget.

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  1. Oh, but you can have a single door made French door style.