Monday, July 26, 2010

To move the window? or not to move the window? that is the question

What is the great part about our current kitchen? The giant picture window. Measuring 47" tall and 57" wide. What is the bad part about the window? It is two inches below where a counter top would be. Darn. I tried to think of work arounds, like making a copper front for the sill to make sure things (water, crumbs, other nasties) did not fall into that little space. We want concrete counter tops and that would make that abyss even deeper. At first, we thought of settling for Formica counters and just having a weird low window. But the more we thought about it the more we hated every part of that plan. To the left is the Before window.

Instead we started discussing the idea of switching the windows in the kitchen to put the big window on the south wall and little window on the west wall. My budget was not super happy with that plan. But since my honey is an enginerd ( engineering nerd, sorry honey) he made a model of what that would look like. I hated it the minute I saw it, but he still needed to think about it. I was worried our perfectly planned kitchen of my dreams was going to become a compromise I would always despise.

Thank goodness the compromise turned out to just putting a huge amount of effort into moving the big window up a whole six inches. Not just our effort but our firends, James and Wes' efforts too. Thanks guys!

And now for the After... See how much higher it is! Like a whole half of a foot! We also spliced up some electrical to see if we would like the pendant lights I got at Restore for 30 buckaroos. Please also notice that couter is now below the sill.

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