Monday, July 19, 2010

The fall of the great dinning room wall

The one thing Colin and I knew before setting pen to paper was that the wall between the kitchen and the dinning room was going to have to come out. The big question on every ones mind was, "Is it load bearing?" Only one way to find out. We knocked down the dry wall and made a hole big enough for a head in the ceiling. The good news, the trusses were laid the right way. The bad news, no insulation. Up goes the budget. But what is the best way to get out frustration. Ripping down 2 x 4s. Luna, our dog, does not quite know what to think of construction. She wants to be in the room with us when we are destroying things but she is scared of stuff falling on her.
Amount spent so far: $800 dollars on DeWalt tools and other important items such at construction paper to protect the floors in the dinning room and plastic to seal off the dusty insanity.
Percent complete: who cares it already looks a thousand times better.

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