Thursday, July 22, 2010

Because remodeling and a full time job aren't enough

I must be crazy. When I started the kitchen remodel my brain instantly started churning out all the other wonderful projects I could do to improve the house. Here is a quick list of those fantasy projects:

  • Rip up the carpet in the study (completed)

  • Add a library ladder in the study ( probably 2 years down the road)

  • Paint the shed with a wonderful floral mural based on a friend's bridal shower invitation (paint purchased)

  • Gravel the driveway (late fall when it is not 100 degrees outside)

  • Dr. Sussesian tree house for my nieces (perhaps this is a pipe dream, they are less that two years old now, so I have a few years to complete this)

  • Straw bail wall in the front instead of the ugly chain link (or cinder block, I have the idea of collecting the blocks over time from people who had a few left over from their walls-freecycle is my source for these)

  • Paint sunflowers on the mailbox

  • Repaint the bathroom in greys and a bright green

  • Build a greenhouse out of old windows ( have some windows in the shed, we already have three sheds, a carport, and a detached garage, might be one or five too many buildings on the lot)

  • Plant evergreen vines on the south fence (completed)

  • And last but not least, and really probably not the last, the string and thumbtack tree I made in the bedroom last night. Picture below.

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