Thursday, June 23, 2011

A small change from the 60s

I decided that I was horribly tired of the 1960s bathroom medicine cabinet in the guest bathroom. It was not only ugly but it was also broken. At the bottom there were supposed to be sliding doors but they were long gone before we bought that house.

I looked around at hardware stores for new a medicine cabinet but they were all somewhat expensive (about $150) and not the most attractive things either. I realized though, that the guest bathroom does not need a traditional medicine cabinet as guests don’t need to hide away their toiletries. So I decided I would simply hang a decorative mirror.

Because my discretionary budget is not very flush I looked at Tuesday morning and found something that I liked for about $35. But since there were more pressing projects at hand I decided not to get the mirror just yet. Then a few days ago Colin and I were headed to see a movie ( Rango- very funny) 

and as we passed one of the thousands of semi-permanent garage sales (still open at 7pm) in the neighborhood, I saw a mirror almost exactly like the one at Tuesday morning. I begged Colin to pull over but we were late for the movie so I whimpered like a puppy as the light turned green and my mirror vanished into the review mirror.  But since it was at one of the eternal neighborhood sales I just went the next Saturday and there sat my mirror. I asked how much and the girl responded “diez” and I said, “ocho” and she said “no” so I gave her 10 bucks and loaded up my find while two of the other garage sale men tried to sell me the most hideous wedding rings I have ever seen.

Much more chic. Don't you think?


  1. Love it! What a deal.

  2. Yay, Burt! You've been doing some really fun projects lately. This mirror is great.

  3. Thanks guys! I am so glad I finally have some energy back to do these projects.

    Camille, I know what you mean about people thinking we are vain due to the excessive mirror use in the house. Colin hates the mirrors but I think he is coming around when he notices all the extra light they provide.