Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Reuse, reduce, recycle

I seem to be good at the first and good at the last but not so good about reducing.  Yesterday when I was taking my recycling to the center I found an old headboard and footboard from a crib. My mom thought they would make great trellises and I heartily agreed. So I got rid of one box of recycling in exchange for a new project. I guess I need to go home and find something I can bless someone else with in exchange for my new trellises.

Since I am so bad at taking pictures of my adventures, here is a picture I found of what the crib would have looked like.


Now it is just the end pieces which I will paint a deep dark aqua and place in the garden for future vines to use as support. I will most likely use the same color as the garden chairs below. 

My mom also reminded me that it runs in the family to make stuff out of dumpster finds. This table that I repainted was originally made by my great-grandmother who found the washing machine base at the dump.

My sister also has a wonderful design blog. Most of her great stuff is not from the trash but she has redone items that she has gotten at second-hand stores.


  1. Love the trellis idea, and love the color you intend to paint them. Don't underestimate my trash-picking abilities, though!

  2. I actually know how good you are at trash picking but not everyone likes to be called a trash picker, so I was being vague. Love you!