Monday, June 13, 2011

Hoosier redo and my inability take before pics

 A while back I was given an old hoosier that needed some TLC.  What is a hoosier? Well, it is a backer's cabinet that originated in the 1800's. In the top there is a bin for flour that comes down into an attached sifter. The counter is made of enamel for rolling out dough and in the bottom there is a pie safe drawer (which is a metal lined drawer with air vents in the top.)

Since we were in the middle of the kitchen remodel it sat in its sorry state loaded down with tools in the dining room.
Yikes what a mess! It was certainly time to get this puppy cleaned up.  I am sad to report that when I get excited about a project I just jump right in and forget all about taking anything resembling a before picture.  So The pic above is the best "before pic" I could find. 

I jumped right in and I glued all the doors back together and re-screwed the drawer rails and then I got to sanding and painting. 

The colors I used are Martha Stewart's Fig and Valspar's Antique White. 

I then lined all the backs of the shelves with New Mexico Wilderness Maps. 


  1. What a transformation! I could never envision the outcome from the verbal description of paint colors and the maps. The end result is amazing. I appreciate the description of hoosier & how they functioned in a kichen. My gma had one in her kitchen & every night we made biscuits for dinner, sifting out the flour, rolling them out on the enamel top. I am glad the hoosier has a new home and life w/ a beautiful new look!
    Patty K.

  2. Thanks guys! Glad you liked how it turned out. And thanks Patty K for giving it to me in the first place.

  3. So beautifully done, Burt! I love the colors you choose and I most especially love the maps for the liner.

    Just good, good, work!

  4. P.S. I will expect some biscuits or a pie when I visit.

  5. Brit, Camille and I agree that it looks terrific. I especially love the map on the back. Camille is clearly not the only Tasteful Lady around.

    The painting is going well here. We finished another pair of uppers and then HAD todo some base cabinets to see how the gray looks. It's a bit on the khaki side of gray and a little lighter than I had envisioned but looks great and C is pleased. But it hasn't made the decision about the pulls any easier! I must say that two two year olds add a certain challenge to the project--at least you can just put Luna outside!

  6. Camille, biscuits and and pie coming right up. Maybe I will put some of our apricots in the freezer and make an apricot almond pie when you are here.

    Auntie, I learned my tasteful ladyness from the best. Glad the painting is going well. And I am certainly glad that I can put Luna outside when we are doing projects. I can't imagine trying to keep the girls out of the paint.