Friday, August 5, 2011

Curb Appeal? More like curb repulsion

Here is the outside of our house.

So what's the plan to make this less (what's the word) cold?

I was thinking of turning the garage door into carriage doors.

And hopefully I can train that vine to grow across the top of the garage too. 

The someday I would love to put in a stucco wall across the front with a nice big gate. 

First I need to finish the chicken coop. But maybe tonight I will at least string some twine across the top of the garage for the to grow on. 


  1. P.S. Maybe we will also get around to moving the gas meter so we are not in danger of running it over. Maybe someone could nominate me for the show curb appeal. Too bad they never come to Nuevo Mexico

  2. One other idea for the future. I'd love to see to pretty lanterns on either side of the garage door.

  3. Would blue carriage doors be weird? Love the ideas! I'll nominate you... looking for the way now.