Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Countertop 1 reveal

Here it is!

It didn't turn out quite how I imagined but it is still very pretty. The blue color did not show up so well in the photos. It is more of an aqua.


  1. How pretty! I think it's going to add a nice rustic-y, natural feel to your kitchen.

  2. very nice! can't wait to see it in the house! By the way I love the garage door! That is awesome!

  3. What is the pattern for the blue color? It almost looks like some piece of farm equipment. Very interesting!

  4. Megan and I just got caught up on your last few months of work on your house- wow! You've been busy! It looks like your whole house is really coming together. Great job. Hope to see you two soon!


  5. Thanks for all the comments. The blue color isn't really a pattern. We drew out a general idea of where we wanted the blue. We sprayed the color coat on with a drywall hopper. So it is organic, I guess you could say. We just did a different blue skim coat so we will see how that looks later this week.

    The polishing is a lot harder than we thought. The finest pads still seem to be taking a lot off the top of the counter. I guess it is a good thing we started with the smallest counter.