Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Walls! But not yet four ( I mean three) and maybe a bit of floor

This weekend James and Wes came and helped Colin with some items in the kitchen. They installed the dry wall on the kitchen sink wall and earlier (in the sick zone when I don't remember exactly when) they put up the dry wall on the east wall. Wow getting closer. We need one and half more walls and then we will be done with the drywall install and we can begin to mud and tape and paint (Valspar Antique White for those of you who want to know.) Colin got the floor drain installed for the water heater closet. ( Oh darn I forgot about the water heater closet!- that will need to be framed and drywalled - I jumped the gun on the drywall being almost done.) And he got some of the sub floor back in place.
James installing the furring strips before hanging the dry wall - notice the sink?-Nope, cause it is outside.

Floor drain in case our water heater or our indirect water heater (that attaches to the hot water solar panels) explode.

New sub floor- only a few pieces to go and we will have a whole floor instead of a hole floor.

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