Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Temporary Kitchen - almost as good as the real thing

I thought you all might be wondering how we are getting by with months and months of not having a kitchen. We are getting by great actually. It helps that I can't eat ( maybe I should ask Colin if we really are getting by great since he still has to eat). The way we are doing it is simple. We set up a temporary kitchen in the study which had several spare shelves (since we like the library more than spending money). We have everything we need: microwave, fridge,the esspresso maker, the toaster, plates and such, cups, utensils, food, my professional mixer, my new juicer (again with that liquid diet - bet your getting tired of me huh?), and even a dinning room table and two chairs- which also acts as the counter for chopping and prep. Oh and real cooking you ask? We have a burner on our grill which has come in very handy. So glad we chose that upgrade. Now that it is getting a little bit cooler we are going to bring the camping stove indoors for our cool weather cooking needs.


  1. I bumped into your post while looking for temporary kitchens for my company. Normally I would pass by but I just had to comment…. Sort out your cutlery draw it’s a disgrace! (I know because I have one exactly the same) :)