Friday, September 14, 2012

Is the kitchen finished?

No, of course not! Here's the breakdown of what still needs to be done to finish this project off.

Sink countertop
Under-window countertop
Bar countertop
Tile backsplash for behind the sink

and the stove

Decide on the copper backsplash for the rest of the kitchen ( I am worried it will make the kitchen look too dark- what do you think?)
Install the pot-filler
Paint and install the baseboards

Make a door to cover the flour container spot next to the stove (I am thinking something copper with wooden edges.)

Repaint the round wall where the chair has wrecked the drywall (Install a bumper on the chair or wall?)

Hang metal spice board


Paint the inside of the door with the blue chalk board paint
Install another shelf to display my homemade canned goods
Cut out the drywall by the door in between the studs to make a angled shoe rack instead of this mess!
 Create custom drawer inserts with balsa wood instead of this mess.

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