Friday, March 2, 2012

The chickens aren't the only dumb things at our house

 Do we have dumb ghosts? No. This was my attempt at trying to save our apricots this year. Dumb apricot tree budded out in mid-February. Yes, it was quite warm but still, it's February. Our apricot is huge about 25 feet tall and 25 feet wide. My theory is that it is so big because it has never had to put energy into making fruit.

As I checked the weather in the morning and saw that it was supposed to be 28 degrees in the valley that night, I became somewhat obsessed with trying to make sure not all the buds on the tree would freeze. I went to four different store looking for christmas lights. At the fourth store I happened to run into Uncle Jim. He said he and Aunt Patty had a ton of lights that I could borrow. So I quickly followed him home and they lent me several strands. I rushed home and spent the next 2 hours stringing the lights and spreading the sheets on the tree. Who know if it will work or if it will be worth the all the anxiety.

Sometimes I wonder if I am the dumb one. 


  1. I hope all your efforts survived the wind! And it's never dumb to try to save apricots.

  2. bless your heart for trying!

  3. You crack me up. Updates please!

  4. They were indeed saved. We will have an abundance.