Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hard to motivate when things work so well

We are having a bit of hard time getting motivated to make the molds for the concrete counter tops. Why? Well, I know it sounds silly, but the kitchen is so functional. It was go, go, go time for so long that Colin really needed a break to do fun things. Even though the plywood counters work, I do think it is time for an up-grade. Maybe this weekend we will start on the molds.


  1. Brit -- I love, love, love all of your hanging copper pots! Its funny, but looking at these pictures, it's hard to tell that you have plywood on there, except for the seam. It almost looked like travertine!

  2. Girl, what a fabulous job you and Colin have done! My grandparents actually stained and sealed their plywood countertops and they lasted 10 years before someone got them granite for a christmas gift. imagine that! Miss you & I hope everything is well :)